New Approach to Rehab for Men and Women in Scotland Could Be a Game Changer

Rehab for men and women is needed all over the world, and a new approach to drug rehab in Scotland could reportedly be a game changer if the program proves successful.


*Scotland is developing what’s called a “rehab village,” which could help up to forty people who are suffering from addiction.


*This idea of a rehab village has also been going on in Italy, and Herald Scotland reports that in this program, 80% of people suffering from addiction that are enrolled stay in long term recovery.


*There are also similar programs going on in San Francisco and Sweden. In the Scotland version, people enrolled in the program can grow food, and there will also be a café and bakery where the residents can work and pay for their stay.


*As one of the chairman of this program tells Herald Scotland, “When people are clean they need to learn how to re-live their lives in a constructive, helpful, loving, supportive, meaningful way and get back to being a worker, a tax payer and a good human being. That’s the gap we are trying to bridge.”