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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment isn’t static; it changes just like any other aspect of society. There is always a new drug on the street, a new therapeutic technique, an advancement in medical science. The Merito treatment centers for men make every effort to stay ahead of these developments. In our goal to provide the absolute best treatment possible, we endeavor to assess and implement new methods of treatment into our already successful programs.

Knowledge is power., and recovering addicts need all the power they can get. Men in recovery and their families should make an effort to stay current with news about sobriety. Luckily, the growing awareness about drug and alcohol rehab programs recently has resulted in a large amount of information available on the internet, TV and through traditional media.

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In terms of drug and alcohol rehab, mental health treatment, dual diagnosis, and more, there is a substantial amount of information to be had from our newsletter and the links we provide.


In the ever-changing world of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation it can really help to have a different perspective on the issues of the day. Click here to view our blogs, with topics ranging from signs of drug abuse in a family to statistical studies on co-occurring mental health disorders to advances in experiential therapy.

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