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The world of men’s addiction rehab is constantly changing. Each year, new advancements are being made that can help people overcome an addiction easier than they could in the past. Due to these advancements, rehab facilities around the world need to always be reading the latest news and updating their programs to be current with the best methods to help our patients.

How We Keep Up with Addiction News

At Merito, we read many different periodicals about ways of helping the people who turn to us for help. Once we find an advancement that we believe will help those who come through our doors, we then put a press release up about it to make sure that people are aware of the changes that are coming. You will find links to these things on this page:

  • Press releases about new forms of treatment we are looking into or beginning
  • Articles about the success rate of our addiction treatment programs
  • New ways that we can help each person that comes to Merito
  • Website resources that can help not only the people currently at Merito, but also their families

“Don’t be ashamed of your story – it will inspire others.”
– Anonymous

Each of the specialists that we work with is always on the lookout for what is new and helpful in the world of rehab. When they find something they believe will help, we make sure that it goes through the proper channels to see if we believe it would be helpful, then if it is deemed helpful, we begin to implement it into our treatment program.

Come back regularly to see what things are coming to the horizon for Merito. We will continually be updating this page, so be sure to bookmark us and visit often!

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