Overdose Awareness Day Raises the Importance of Drug Rehab Centers

As summer transitions into fall, two events have been raising awareness for the need of drug rehab centers, International Overdose Awareness Day, and National Recovery Month. International Overdose Awareness Day, which took place on August 31, is indeed a world-wide event where people all over the globe have come forward to help, raise awareness, as well the importance of drug rehab centers.

*As Las Vegas Journal reports, an event in Vegas in late August helped raise awareness of addiction, and the need for drug rehab centers. International Overdose Day is also in part for families to remember those who’ve passed away who suffered from addiction.

*At this event, the first in Vegas, a chief of the Vegas Fire Department said you can deal with 12 to 15 overdoses in a 24 hour shift, and that in 2015, there was nearly 300 opioid deaths in Southern Nevada alone.

*As this report explains, signs of overdoses to look out for include “unconsciousness, blue or purple skin, lips and finger tips, and pinpoint pupils.”

*In addition to letting “current and former drug users [know] that they are valued,” the International Overdose website also reports that its goals include ‘to provide basic information on the range of support services that exist in the local community,” which of course include drug rehab centers.