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A rehab facility for men, Merito is driven by the essential principles of respect, genuine care, sensitivity and a sincere desire to lend a helping hand to fathers, husbands or sons struggling to escape the quagmire of drugs and alcohol. If someone dear to you happens to be in this difficult dilemma of addiction, Merito is just one phone call away. Feel free to browse through our site and get to know us a little better.

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If you’re a victim of drugs or alcohol, you can take shelter in our clean, healthy and conducive facility. We at Merito understand the shame or embarrassment you may be feeling right now. We are not here to pass judgment on anyone but to extend our support to those who are willing to accept it. If it makes you feel more secure, we guarantee that we abide by and respect patient privacy in accordance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Please don’t wait for your habits to grow quickly out of hand – give us a call ASAP. Our team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals will be guiding and supporting you as you embark on your journey to sobriety, health, happiness, and peace.

Proper Assessment Equals Accurate Diagnosis

The moment you get admitted to Merito, you will be assessed carefully and thoroughly by our skilled staff. During the assessment process, we also make it a point to watch out for co-occurring mental disorders that usually come together with addiction. This dual-diagnosis approach of ours makes it so that a patient receives an adequate and multifaceted treatment plan.

“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.”
– Anonymous

Addiction can either be the cause or the result of mental disorders. Either way, we wish to address all such conditions appropriately. We believe in treating the underlying cause itself and not just the apparent symptoms. We also acknowledge how important proper assessment is for accuracy in diagnosing and suggesting a treatment plan for each individual.

On the Subject of Detox

While you may have already decided to turn your life around for the better and break the habit, the ride can be quite long and rough. The very first part of the rehabilitation process is detoxification, which is almost impossible and potentially dangerous when done on your own. Opting for a medically-assisted path instead of ‘going cold turkey’ should be the only option as it is the safest. With much-needed help from the medical experts, plus a reliable and solid support system in the form of friends, family, and fellow patients, you can weather the excruciating pain of withdrawal.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Methods

Merito has a comprehensive treatment program to suit each patient’s unique requirements and considerations. There is no black-and-white when dealing with addiction. Just as each person has a different set of fingerprints, each patient requires a different treatment approach from the person next to him. Thus we provide, psychotherapy (both individual and group sessions), neurofeedback, spiritual guidance and counseling through our Christian recovery programs, and various other means for each patient to achieve lifelong sobriety.

Our Promise

Surviving detox and completing the rehab period is just halfway through your journey to a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle. Beyond Merito’s borders and its rehab timeline lies the other half. It can be scary and you will have to wrestle with the temptation of going back to your old habits, but Merito will continue to assist you as you take your first wobbly steps outside rehab and toward a better and more fulfilled life.

“Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.”
– Louis Nizer

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