How a Personal Treatment Plan at Alcoholic Rehab Centers Helps

Alcoholic Rehab CentersThere are general principles that are applied when treating alcoholism.  On the other hand, each individual is unique.  This means that there are unique manifestations of alcoholism.  A personal treatment plan is, therefore, necessary to help the addict get to the root of the problem.  There are many benefits of going for a personalized plan and here are some of them.


A personal treatment plan includes one on one consultation from the alcohol rehabilitation centers.  This focus on the individual is designed to unearth some of the influences that affect each person’s struggle with alcoholism.  It strives to get to the root cause of the problem.  

The consultation assesses things like the environmental influences.  Before the treatment begins, specific factors must be evaluated.  How friends and family contribute to addiction should be determined.  A personalized plan helps both the alcoholic and the therapists understand the psychological patterns in order to ensure that the treatment is effective.  


Once the alcoholic has been assessed, a treatment plan tailored specifically for that person is designed.  It addresses the issues that were identified during the consultation stage.  These issues include psychological and physiological changes that have caused and have been caused by alcoholism.

Alcoholism is very often a co-occurring disorder.  Mental disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia can lead one to seek comfort in alcohol.  Unfortunately, alcohol also aggravates these mental disorders and it eventually becomes a vicious circle.  

Personal treatment plans from alcoholic rehab centers are more effective at addressing co-occurring disorders.  The plan which is more focused on the individual, rather than a group of addicts, works towards finding underlying causes that lead to alcohol and substance abuse.  

Addressing alcoholism without addressing the mental disorders that caused it often leads to a relapse.  Therefore a personal treatment plan helps to avoid a relapse and is, therefore, more effective.

Treatment Therapies

When it comes to alcohol rehabilitation, family involvement is very important.  The family dynamic is not only strong enough to cause alcoholism, but it can also lead to a relapse after the rehabilitation process.  Alcohol rehabilitation centers that are run professionally understand the importance of addressing the factors caused by family dynamics.  

However, each family is different.  The profile of the addict and his family will determine the nature of family therapy.  Before the treatment, some families may be best suited to a private, non-confrontational approach which encourages the addict to seek professional help.

Similarly, during treatment, a suitable rehabilitation center needs to be found.  Each individual has unique needs that need to be factored when choosing a facility.  The family’s needs should also not be ignored, to ensure that they will participate fully as required by the treatment therapy.  

A personalized treatment plan helps to ensure that the rehabilitation process is tailored for the individual and his family before, during, and after the process.  If the specifics of the family dynamic are addressed there is a lower chance of a relapse after rehabilitation.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Personalized Treatment

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is one of the proven methods for treating addictions and mental illnesses that may have caused it.  Scientists are beginning to appreciate the value of personalized treatment.  Recent research findings indicate that personalized CBT treatment that quantifies dysfunction by determining its underlying patterns is more effective than treatment that focuses on the symptoms alone.

For it to be effective, personalized treatment needs to be part of every stage during the rehabilitation process.  Whether before, during, or after, the personalized approach informs the techniques and strategies that seek to get to the root of the problem.  That is what makes a personalized plan so effective.  

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