A Popular Underground Cartoon Show Deals With Depression in an Honest Light

One wouldn’t think a cartoon show with a horse as its main character would deal with depression in an honest light, or show the importance of getting help for depression in rehab, therapy or elsewhere, but BoJack Horseman has earned great praise for dealing with mental health in a serious light.

*Writing on Polygon, Julia Alexander noted that the show has “the most honest, brutal, necessary episode about depression,” and that she’d been “waiting for something like this for years.”

*Alexander also wrote about the stigma of depression, and in many cases with mens depression they’re afraid to admit they need help. “The important thing to remember, even when it seems impossible to do so, is remembering that people do care. Even if they can’t understand what’s going on in your brain, you’re not going to lose them over your depression…When [BoJack] needs someone at the end of the day, they’re just a phone call away.”

*And who thought a comedy show with a horse protagonist could show people the importance of seeking help for depression, but Alexander concludes, “I have shown this episode to my closest friends and partner as a way of explaining what my brain is like on any given day and it’s helped them understand things a little better. BoJack Horseman is one of the only shows that isn’t scared to talk about a disease that affects millions of people and, because of that, this episode is one of television’s most important to date.”