The Power of Touch When Attending In Patient Rehab

Sometimes a pat on the back, or someone holding your hand can be the greatest sensation in the world when you’re suffering. While there’s many holistic, spiritual, and psychological ways to attack addiction, some have found massage to be another strong tool in healing when living in an in patient rehab.


*As Massagemag reports, one person suffering from addiction who was blowing $6,000 a month on cocaine, tried massage therapy in in patient rehab, and along with the 12-steps and psychotherapy, it changed his life, and he was convinced it played a big part in his recovery.


*As one in patient rehab director said, when suffering from addiction, one can “live a kind of ritualized existence. Massage makes them more flexible, decreases worries [and] racing thoughts and increases their energy level. It becomes a tool for greater energy and self-awareness, both physical and emotional. Learning self-care is a big part of recovery.”


*And indeed, as one massage therapist who works at an in patient rehab center says, “This helps people see that there are other solutions to problems in life. Touch releases them and the things they’ve been holding on to.”