The Power of Yoga Post Drug Rehab

Yoga and mindfulness are very important tools to have in your sobriety arsenal post-drug rehab. And the founder of one yoga group cannot stress enough the importance of using it as a way of rebuilding your life post –drug rehab.

*As Ohio native Pat Carr told the Star Beacon, “Yoga is a tool that can be used to help take care of yourself,” and it can also work well with the people around you as well. “Both addicts and codependents need self care,” she continues. “When you have misery, like in addiction or codependency, people often forget to take care of themselves. They need to find methods of self care. Yoga can be a way to alleviate misery, especially during recovery.”

*Carr discovered the power of yoga herself when she went into a 12 step program. “Yoga helps make connections, with family members and acquaintances – and most importantly with yourself. Connections are the opposite of addiction, which is a loss of connections.”

*Thankfully yoga can be a tool that can help those suffering from addiction, and those around them who are stressed out, a way to come back when they’re doing the work in drug rehab, or doing the needed work post- drug rehab. “Yoga works for the addicted and for the family members who are so stressed out by the addiction,” Carr concludes. “It’s a great tool for reliving that chronic stress that can ultimately kill you.”