Addiction Treatment Resources

When you want to recover from an addiction or a mental illness, you need a professional process to ensure that you get the most out of your time and money. The more resources you have, the better your chances of successful recovery become. Merito men’s addiction treatment centers allow you to have order in a chaotic life and times of change. Let us be by your side while you get your health under control. We can help!

The Resources You Have Access to at Merito

You will have access to these types of resources when you come to Merito:

The Resources for Before You Enter Merito

When your plan is to come to Merito, we make sure that your treatment plan has your needs in mind. We take what you need to create a specific treatment plan that will help you get over the hurdles in your life and move forward addiction-free. We’ll speak with you on the phone to assess your concerns and current status. We do a medical and psychological assessment at Merito, and we then create a plan that will help ensure your recovery.

“I got sober. I stopped killing myself with alcohol. I began to think: ‘Wait a minute – if I can stop doing this, what are the possibilities?’ And slowly it dawned on me that it was maybe worth the risk.”
– Carl Ferguson

While You Are at Merito, We Have More Resources

While staying with us at Merito, we can help you with many different needs, including nutritional needs, Christian rehab programs, and other types of therapies to help you get past your addiction and stay that way once you go home.

Resources The Entire Family Can Use

Your family needs to go through a healing process at the same time that you are healing, so we make sure to provide a lot of resources for the family to turn to as well. We have a program we call the “Seven Realities Program” that helps educate family members of those who come to Merito. We can help your family recognize and quit behaviors of theirs that may enable further addiction problems, and work through specific issues that the addiction may be causing. Codependency is also a problem many addicts have, so we will make sure family members are able to recognize those signs as well.

“Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see bird that had the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.”
– Dale Carnegie

Resources Available to You Once You Go Home

Going through Merito is a great step, but once you go home, you need to continue doing what you have learned while you were here. You need to have support to make sure you are making the right choices and helping yourself in as many ways as possible. 12-Step programs such as NA, AA, and Al-anon are great programs that we recommend you try, as they can help keep you supported and moving the right direction after you have left our facility.

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