Continuing Care

When you leave our rehab facility for men, Merito is committed to providing aid to you in the form of our Continuing Care program.

Rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol is a lifelong journey. While a stay in rehab for 30 days seems like an eternity, even a successful program can’t prevent cravings and triggers for relapse. Many patients in recovery think the process is over at this point. Our highly trained addiction treatment staff, of whom many are recovering addicts themselves, can guarantee you that this is not the case.

What is Continuing Care?

Continuing care, which is also known as aftercare, assists alumni from rehab programs put the lessons they’ve learned in rehab into play, and provides a setting for recovering addicts to meet and maintain their sobriety. In the life of a new graduate from rehab, there are relapse triggers everywhere you look. It can be very difficult to going back to old habits. Oftentimes, the patient in recovery’s group of friends revolved getting. Merito Continuing Care activities are there to help our alumni avoid these temptations and, in staying on the sober path, rebuilding their lives.

There are several continuing care choices for our patients when they leave us at Merito. These include:

  • Alumni Programs – Merito offers a comprehensive rehab Alumni program. We organize events such as barbeques, live music, picnics, hiking and outdoor day trips (for example, to the beach), among others.  Alumni programs create a safe space for recent men’s rehab alumni to forge new friendships, make positive progress in their recovery, and to help their fellow recovering addicts do the same.
  • Meetings and Chapters – We strongly encourage our Alumni to engage in meetings with 12 step programs such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In fact, many of our own programs are based on the tenets of the 12 step program, with optional Christian faith-based rehab programs. These meetings and prayer groups have shown over decades that they are useful in helping addicts maintain their sobriety and help get back from relapses.
  • Sober Living Programs – Sober Living (sometimes known as halfway houses) is a treatment program for those who have finished residential inpatient treatment but still need a strictly controlled living environment. Sober Living patients live at one of our cozy and welcoming houses with fellow recovering addicts and house managers while spending their days at work or school.  These programs allow the patient to engage again with their lives and routines while maintaining the discipline and structure they need.


Sober Living allows men in recovery a way to further the self-control and discipline which many say helped them immeasurably while in inpatient treatment. Sober Living programs require patients to consent to strict rules before being allowed to admit. These can include restrictions on materials (such as mouthwash or some over the counter medications) containing alcohol or drugs, nighttime curfews, unannounced tox screens, chores, and others. In extreme cases the patient will be asked to leave the house if violating these rules.

Safe environment

Merito Sober Living programs provide luxury locations where recovering addicts can be assured of a drug-free, progress-focused setting. We offer gender-specific houses, for men only, which allow for the removal of even more distractions for our patients.

Structure and social support

Some Sober Living members call the experience like “living at a meeting.” Residents at our Palm Houses men’s sober living houses have a built-in support system of their peers in the place where they live. Group therapy and 12-Step meeting as well as alumni activities are cornerstones of the Merito Sober Living experience.

A Lifelong Journey

Whether it’s Sober Living, joining the Alumni program, or even committing to attending NA or AA meetings, continuing care programs are essential for the long-term recovery and sobriety of any recovering addict or alcoholic; no inpatient or outpatient treatment program will permanently eliminate all cravings or triggers to relapse. Please call our intake coordinators today if you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We can help you personalize your treatment plan and get your life back on track

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