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The strong connection between mental health and addiction has been identified following the results of many studies conducted on the issue. Many drug addicts develop mental disorders because of the body’s reactions to their drug use. At the same time, there are those with mental health issues who later on develop drug addiction because of their attempt to mediate the symptoms of their mental disorder on their own, such as the following:

Whether the mental disorder is present prior to drug use or the same time as the addiction, hardly matters. What is important is to ensure that the mental disorder and drug addiction are treated at the same time.

Reasons to Treat Mental Health Issues in Rehab Programs

Prior to studies conducted on the connection between mental health issues and drug dependency, treatment for each one was conducted separately – in different facilities. This was done regardless if the patient is exhibiting psychological disorders while, at the same time, abusing drugs. The results of this kind of set-up were unfavorable considering that only half of the problem was ever addressed.

Fortunately, lessons from past mistakes were learned and rehabilitation centers are now using the integrated treatment approach or recovery programs that address both addiction and psychological disorders simultaneously. Below are the reasons why this approach is important:

  • It will aid in more effective pharmacological treatment
  • It will provide a strong support system for patients struggling with similar conditions
  • It will effectively address the root cause of addiction and/or mental disorders
  • It will help avoid relapse

“Mental health is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive,
not where you’re going.”
– Noam Shpancer

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