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Your brain has many defense mechanisms that enable you to cope with overwhelming stress. In the past, the effects of traumatic stress were recognized only when they were manifested by soldiers, especially those returning from World War II. This condition was called PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder. These soldiers exhibited aberrant mental health symptoms. Mental health experts have only started to understand this mental illness in recent decades. It is now much easier to diagnose and treat this disease.

What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

It is a psychiatric disorder that is caused by an overly stressful experience or by witnessing a life-threatening event such as being in the center of a terrorist incident, natural disaster, military combat, sexual assault, physical assault, and serious accident. The event could be just a one-time event during childhood or a long-running series of events in the life of an individual that produce mental stress that are difficult to forget.

If you find yourself still feeling the stress even after the event is already long gone, then you could probably be manifesting the classic symptoms of PTSD. This feeling may even get worse over time. You will inadvertently relive your stressful experience through flashbacks and nightmares. Progressively, you will find it difficult to sleep, or you may feel estranged and detached. These symptoms can be serious enough that they can disrupt your normal life.

The moment you perceive that you are experiencing the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, you need to seek counsel with a mental health expert. Merito PTSD treatment programs have such mental health professionals that are educated, trained and experienced in treating this kind of mental illness.

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.”
– Danielle Bernock

Consequences of Untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

You need to have your mental condition diagnosed early so that the specialists at Merito PTSD treatment for men will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. If not, your condition is liable to get worse. Here are some of the consequences you may experience if you let your condition go untreated:

  • Depression – Reliving the trauma will exacerbate your stress, which will then lead to depression.  When you get depressed, you will seek an outlet.  Most people who are depressed turn to alcohol and illicit drugs.  The end result can be alcohol abuse or drug dependence.
  • Physical Symptoms – If your body is constantly under stress, you will eventually suffer adverse physical symptoms.  Lack of sleep, substance abuse, and other unhealthy practices will take a toll on your physical body, as well as your brain.
  • Life Problems – If you let your PTSD go untreated, you will find that your quality of life will be adversely affected.  You will not be able to function effectively in your work, thus endangering your professional life.  Your relationships with your family and friends will also be badly affected, thus scuttling your social life. Statistics show that those putting up with their disorders have more divorces or separation, unemployment, spouse abuse, and expulsion from work.

“Even in times of trauma, we try to maintain a sense of normality until we no longer can. That, my friends, is called surviving. Not healing. We never become whole again… we are survivors. If you are here today… you are a survivor. But those of us who have made it thru hell and are still standing? We bear a different name: warriors.”
– Lori Goodwin

Don’t Worry, There’s Hope

As has been mentioned earlier, this mental illness is now easy to diagnose and treat. At Merito, we will design a treatment plan that is perfectly suited to your particular type of PTSD, including Christian PTSD recovery programs. There is no need for you to put up with it. You can overcome the problem. Don’t let it grow worse than it is now.

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