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Recognizing an addiction and dedicating a moment of your life in attending a rehabilitation program can be an intimidating initial step towards a life of sobriety. A lot of people feel uneasy about the prospects of how the rehabilitation process will change their lives.

“God will take you through places you don’t understand just to bring you to the place where he needs you to be. Trust him.”
– Trent Shelton

What is addiction rehab?

Rehabilitation for alcohol and substance abuse offers a planned and structured treatment program which is directed towards those who are struggling with addiction. Ultimately, going to a rehab can make your recovery more successful than overcoming addiction through self-medications. Rehab can guide you towards getting a normal, pleasant, and sober lifestyle.

What goes on in addiction treatment programs?

Addiction rehab treatment can be customized to fit an individual patient’s needs. They typically involve a sequence of detoxification, group or individual counseling, relapse prevention programs, and aftercare arrangements ahead of program fulfillment to continue long-term sobriety.

  • Detoxification – This is a crucial and significant initial step towards attaining sobriety.  Detox eliminates the toxic influences of alcohol and substance in the body.  Though detoxification can have varying withdrawal symptoms that can be undesirable, depending on the gravity of the addiction, it can be alleviated with medical supervision.
  • Therapy – Rehabilitation progresses with different behavioral therapeutic intervention after completing the detox process.  Merito offers different therapy that involves participation in a group or individual sessions.  This is important in addressing underlying problems that cause the addiction.  Therapeutic programs also train patients in identifying high-risk triggers so they can establish relapse prevention techniques.
  • Aftercare – Aftercare can be an important stage in the continuous recovery process.  Staff will guide you in getting the appropriate aftercare program you need.  This can include a sequence of support groups, and continuous therapy if necessary.

One thing you have to know is, the more information you understand about addiction rehab, along with what to expect when coming into a treatment program, the amount of time you need to spend within the program, and the cost related to the program, the smoother your journey towards recovery will be.

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.”

Substance Abuse

This indicates the overindulgence of harmful psychoactive substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs. Substance abuse commonly leads to an array of behavioral, cognitive, and physiological problems that expands with repeated use. Problems often include a strong inclination to use the drug, hardships with controlling the use, and continued use despite the detrimental effects.


Rehab or rehabilitation is a series of treatment protocols for alcohol and substance addiction. This is commonly abstinence-based and administers intensified programs to care and assist those who have difficulties with addiction. Rehab is an effective way of promoting sobriety and changing a person’s behavior.

What Is Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation involves psychotherapeutic treatment for addiction to psychoactive substances such as prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol. It trains addicts in preparation for re-entering society as drug addiction can change a person’s attitude and behavior and can affect many aspects of his life.

Disabilities and Rehab

Rehabilitation for people with a combination of physical or mental disability and substance abuse can be twice as challenging. Handicapped people do not only have bigger risks of alcohol and substance abuse but they sometimes also face impediments in getting the treatment they need.

Rehab Treatment for Men

Rehab facilities that cater to an exclusive all male patients who face the same problems. This can be beneficial as men are more likely to be able to relate to each other with the victories and the obstacles they face with their addiction.

Residential Rehab Treatment Center

A residential treatment center or inpatient addiction rehab center gives a patient an opportunity to live and share their lives with other people who have similar problems with addiction. Patients are given around the clock care in addition to the support groups found in the facility.

PHP Treatment Center

Partial Hospitalization treatment allows a patient to live at home but travel to a nearby treatment facility. This type of treatment is similar to IOP where an individual receives psychological treatment, group therapy counseling, psychopharmacological testing, medical evaluations, and life and vocational skills counseling.

IOP Treatment

Intensive outpatient programs are a type of treatment program much like the PHP treatment. This also allows a patient treatment in the rehab facility while continuing his living at home. IOP treatment can possibly lower the cost of a patient’s treatment because he does not rely on the facility for his needs.

Abuse or Addiction?

Continued abuse of harmful substances commonly leads to addiction. These two are generally connected with each other. While chronic abuse can be seen as less destructive than addiction, continued use of harmful substances can be just as detrimental to a user. Addiction, on the other hand, is the prolonged use of illegal substances in larger amounts.

Is Addiction a Brain Disease?

Substance abuse is a brain disease that progresses over time as a consequence of the early use of drugs and alcohol. While the consequences can be fundamentally unmanageable such as compulsive craving, seeking, and use that prevents a person from living a functional life, it is a medical condition that can be addressed with proper treatment.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit organization and fellowship for people who have had a struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. It allows these persons to meet on a regular basis to assist each other in maintaining a sober life. The only requirement needed for membership is the eagerness to maintain sobriety.

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