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Struggling with addiction is an uphill battle much of the time. It’s hard to make friends and family understand what you are going through. Most people will try to control their addiction on their own, and the results are often discouraging and frustrating. When it comes to fighting addiction, a team approach is the best approach. You need support, tools, and strategies. And, you need help from people who understand addiction.

Getting Help With Treatment

Getting alcohol or drug treatment offers you a safe environment to heal from addiction. You will have the support of staff, counselors and peers. Too often, people let fear or misinformation keep them from seeking help through treatment. It’s important to understand that getting help is okay. You aren’t giving in, you are taking action to ensure a better future. You are taking steps to get freedom from addiction.

Different Types Of Treatment

A little research will show you that there are many types of addiction treatment available. Your health insurance may dictate the rehab you go to, or you may be able to choose. You may find that drug or alcohol treatment IOP is a potential solution for you.

What Is An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. Unlike residential programs, you do not remain in the facility 24 hours a day. IOP’s consist of sessions that you attend. These sessions may be a couple of hours or all day. You may attend an IOP several days a week at the beginning and then go to one or two days a week toward the end of the program. Programs may last anywhere from 12 to 24 weeks.

IOP treatment offers many of the same types of services as residential treatment. You will be assigned a counselor or caseworker, and he or she will develop an individual treatment plan based on your needs. You’ll attend group counseling, education, and other groups, and work one on one with your counselor to address issues and challenges in your life. You’ll set goals and meet with your counselor to monitor your progress. And, you will be shown tools and strategies that will help you deal with cravings and situations that can lead you back to using.

What You Can Expect From IOP Treatment

You can expect to be welcomed by supportive professionals. You will find that treatment is a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space where you can get help. Staff are dedicated to your success and will treat you with respect. You are not a patient or an inmate in treatment, you are a client receiving services, and you are there to be supported.

Why You Should Choose IOP

IOP treatment isn’t for everyone, but it may be right for you. If you are currently employed and seeking help for substance abuse disorder, an IOP provides an alternative to residential treatment. You will be able to maintain your job while getting treatment. If you have family responsibilities that make residential treatment difficult, choosing an IOP will allow you to get the help you need while you continue to care for your family.

The challenge that IOP presents is the time that you spend away from the program. Unlike residential treatment, you will continue to be faced with tempting situations. You must commit to staying sober each day, and draw on the support you get in your program to help keep you that way. In residential treatment, you are in a safe environment free from outside distractions and unsafe situations.

For this reason, IOP is best suited for those who are highly motivated to stop using. Drug treatment is most effective when you want treatment and are willing to adhere to program rules and guidelines. It’s also helpful if you are living in a clean and sober environment with plenty of support.

Getting Help In A Men's IOP

Addiction is a life-threatening disease. It doesn’t just affect you, it affects your whole family. It removes the joy and freedom from life and the consequences are devastating. Fortunately, recovery is possible through treatment. Merito can help you overcome addiction so that you can get back to your life. Treatment isn’t just about not using anymore, it’s about addressing the underlying causes and issues of the disease of addiction. It’s about learning tools and strategies that can help you cope with life’s stressors in a more constructive way. You can overcome addiction with help. Picking up the phone is the first step to a new life full of hope and promise.

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