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If you have been suffering from addiction and have decided to seek treatment, you have made the best decision you could possibly make for you and your family. Not that the decision was easy; it is probably something that you considered for a long time, with much fear and trepidation. Perhaps something drastic happened that made you realize that your drinking or drug use was getting out of hand, or maybe your friends or family members convinced you that you need help.

“I went into rehab to save my marriage, but I wound up saving myself.”
– Michael Douglas

Whatever the reason is for your decision to go to treatment, it is a gift. That said, you are likely apprehensive about residential rehab, and have a lot of questions. This article is meant to give you some answers about what to expect, and hopefully, it will remove your uneasiness.

What to Expect When You Go to Residential Rehab

At Merito’s inpatient rehab center for men, we will help you feel comfortable as you start your journey of recovery. You will find other men just like you who are looking for help and healing. Peer support is a huge part of recovery, and you will likely build strong bonds quickly with the other residents.

Once you arrive, the first part of residential rehab is usually medically supervised detox. This is to get the alcohol or drugs out of your system safely, and with as little discomfort to you as possible. The length of time it takes you to detox depends on the types and amounts of substances you have in your body.

The days you spend in rehab will be full and busy. You will participate in educational classes about addiction and relapse prevention, and learn coping skills that you will be able to apply to your life since drugs and alcohol will no longer be available to you.

You will also get individual and group therapy. Often there are underlying causes of addiction, sometimes mental illnesses or disorders, and those will be addressed in the therapy you do. It’s essential to treat those things in order for you to remain sober.

You will have exposure to the 12 Step approach to recovery, participating in meetings and learning the guiding principles.

Your family members will also be a part of your recovery, so they will be invited to participate in therapy sessions with you to help them learn how to help you.

In addition to those basics, while you are in treatment, you will also receive:

  • 24/7 medical care and assistance
  • Psychiatric assessment to discover underlying mental health issues
  • Prescription of medication, if need for your psychiatric care
  • Dual diagnosis treatment if needed
  • Aftercare or outpatient services once you complete the inpatient program

The length of your stay at Merito for rehabilitation can vary depending on your needs and progress. The minimum is 30 days, and it can be as long as one year. We offer whatever it takes to help you get healthy.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”
– Ambrose Redmoon

Residential Rehabilitation versus Outpatient Addiction Programs

It may be tempting to explore outpatient treatment rather than inpatient, for the simple fact that residential rehab takes you away from your regular life. For some patients, outpatient care is enough to help them; but for others who may need more intensive care, inpatient treatment is recommended. If inpatient care is the recommendation for you, don’t be alarmed. There are some tremendous benefits to doing residential rehab.

Medically supervised detox

Most patients need to detox when they arrive at treatment.

Around the clock support

When you are in rehab, your emotions are apt to be all over the place. Whether you are feeling fearful and anxious, or relieved and hopeful, there is someone there – someone knowledgeable and qualified to work in the addiction realm – 24 hours a day. It’s comforting to know that you don’t have to do this alone.

A sense of community

Living full time with a group of people who share your same struggles builds a sense of community and fellowship. Friendships and bonding happen quickly in rehab, often lasting long after treatment is over.

Outside distractions are eliminated

Because inpatient treatment removes you from your daily life, there are no distractions to take your focus away from recovery. Not having to worry about the challenges you may have day-to-day allows you to build a strong foundation of recovery before you have to deal with them.

Time to recover

Most importantly, residential rehab provides you with time to focus on yourself and your recovery. In the rush of daily life, it is easy to forego the positive things you do for yourself, instead taking care of problems that come up. When you are in an inpatient treatment program, there is nothing that you have to take care of except yourself and your recovery.

Benefits to Choosing Professional Rehab Assistance Rather Than Going “Cold Turkey”

Professionals in addiction medicine agree that withdrawal from drugs or alcohol shouldn’t be attempted by going “cold turkey.” This is not just because it is difficult and uncomfortable, it’s because it is dangerous and can even result in death.

Medically supervised detoxification is recommended regardless of your drug of choice. It allows close medical monitoring, so that if you become medically distressed during withdrawal, you can receive medication to help you through it. The administration of medication is closely supervised and used only to the extent that you need it. It will make withdrawal symptoms much more manageable and you much more comfortable.

Remember, your decision to attend residential rehab is a good one – it may even be saving your life.

“Recovery will never open the gates of heaven to let you in, but it does open the gates of hell to let you out.”
– Anonymous

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