A Search Engine When You Need To Locate Alcohol Rehab Centers for Men

Technology is one of the great tools in modern recovery, and search engines and apps can help you find the right place when you need help. Now Forbes reports there is a new website search engine that can help you locate the right alcohol rehab centers for men when you’re in need of one.


*If you’re in need of an alcohol rehab center for men or women, Rehab.com has a list of 33,000 you can check in to in the United States and Canada. As Forbes reports, “The rehabilitation facilities listed on the website are also organized based on whether people are insured or need financial help.”


*The site was launched by Patrick Nagle, who had been in recovery, and found the rehab he attended online himself. When he didn’t have a good experience with the rehab he attended, he wanted to build a site that got people to the right place.


*Nagle also bought the sites RateMyProfessors and RateMyTeachers, which became big hits on the web. Rehab.com follows in a similar direction. He won’t sell the site and he wants to make sure that rehabs are rated correctly and lead people to the best possible place. His goal is to “save a million lives by 2020.”