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Seeking Help through Depression Rehab

October 10, 2017 - - 0 Comments

While many would be surprised to learn that you can go to rehab for depression, especially considering many equate the term with drug addiction, entering a rehab for depression can have tremendous benefits if you go to one.

*As Everyday Health reports, many people have had “a higher health-related quality of life” once they go through inpatient treatment for depression. Whether you need to check in to a depression rehab or not, as one psychiatrist says, “depends on how severe and complicated your problem is, how much you’ve tried to get help in the past, and what resources are available in your community.”

*Like rehab for those suffering from addiction, there are a number of options if you need to attend depression rehab. As Everyday Health reports, there are residential treatment centers, group homes, a farm or work based facility, and apartment based facilities, much like sober living, where mental health professionals aren’t far away if you need them.

*Depression rehab includes focus on a patient’s family, socialization, so a depressed patient has interaction with others and doesn’t feel isolated, as well as what’s called transition planning, which prepares you to get back into the outside world and have a treatment plan.

*When deciding whether a depression rehab is right for you, as the clinical director of one told Everyday Health, “The range of residential programs is broad, as are the different services that can be provided at each facility, so you need to do your homework to determine the best fit.” And also make sure that the facility can handle what one psychiatrist calls your “unique issues.” While there are many common denominators with depression and mental illness, like addiction, depression is not one size fits all.


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