Signs you’re A Functioning Alcoholic and Could Need Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

There’s alcoholism where people can’t function, and what’s termed a functional alcoholic, who can still function in the real world, but are still suffering from addiction and could use an inpatient alcohol rehab.

*As Independent UK reports, there’s an acronym you can apply to see if you’re a functioning alcoholic, CAGE. The first letter is C, cutting down, meaning have you considered drinking less. Next letter is A for Annoyance, or are you annoyed that people nag you about drinking. Next is G for Guilt, and do you feel guilty about drinking? And lastly is E for Eye Opener, or do you need alcohol to feel better or relax.

*According to one doctor, if you say yes to several of the above, you could be a functional alcoholic who could benefit from an inpatient alcohol rehab.

*Functional alcoholics can also keep up with their responsibilities, and don’t think they need an in patient alcohol rehab because they can have several days a week where they don’t drink.

*Addiction doesn’t always look obvious to the naked eye, and a doctor who treated a lot of functional alcoholics says, “They’re working in high-powered jobs, in the city or the media and drinking heavily is accepted, almost expected. They have carried on for years in this way but suddenly they’re getting physical symptoms such as feeling sick in the mornings and need a drink and perhaps a partner has said they have had enough.”