Skateboarders and Sobriety

A lot of skateboard heroes lived wayward personal lives, but a number of skating pros have turned their lives around, seeking help in addiction treatment centers, and cleaning up their acts.

*Tony Alva just spoke to The Fix about being sober for over ten years. “I was a binge drinker, and I would wake up after those binges just physically and spiritually and mentally destroyed. Some mornings I would wake up in jail cells, but no matter where I was, I was hitting the same bottom…Once I got sober, my behavior changed drastically. I learned that if I can alleviate the thinking before the drink, I will be able to abstain from that first drink. I learned about spiritual actions and tools I could use from guys who not only had abstinence but emotional sobriety.”

*Andrew Reynolds, who’s often known as The Boss in the world of skating, and he also had a problem with coke, weed, and alcohol. He told Rolling Stone, “I knew I had a problem with drinking the first time I drank at age sixteen…I would drink and not be able to stop…” He got sober because “my number one goal was always to be a good skater. By age twenty-four, I realized my abuse was affecting my whole life…It wasn’t until I met the right people and started going to meetings – that’s when it really stuck for me.”

*Bam Margera went from pro skater to trying to get sober on reality TV. A year later, he stayed sober. He told Hypebeast, “I realized musicians can party like rock starts because playing a guitar and being drunk go hand and hand, but if you want to skate and be drunk it doesn’t work…It’s been a real struggle for me to stay off the alcohol. But just as long as you’re surrounded by good people and you have something to do, you’ll be good.”