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When You’re Ready for a Sober Living Home

November 10, 2017 - - 0 Comments

For those suffering from addiction, after rehab the next step many take is checking into a sober living home. In a new article, Times Square Chronicles listed a number of the benefits to sober living.

*Two of the biggest and best benefits to sober living are support and help from those you live with. As the Times Square Chronicles reports, “Sober living homes offer strong staff and peer support, thereby enabling you to be encouraged by others who have fought and emerged triumphant in this battle…It ultimately fosters the spirit of togetherness through which you will be able to harness strength from knowing that you’re not alone.”

*In a sober living home, accountability is also key. As this report continues, “Willpower alone is barely sufficient to get you through the sobriety process. Sober living homes promote amazing accountability by enacting rules and regulations to be followed,” and this includes curfews and regular drug tests. “This guarantees you keep forging ahead in the healing process, even when you are too weak to work on your own.”

*And as this report also mentions, sober living is a “temptation free atmosphere” that makes great training for the real world. “You need a sober environment to live a sober life,” this report continues. “During early recovery, resisting negative influences is one of the greatest challenges most people face. A sober living home eliminates this problem by keeping you away from all the places, faces and circumstances that keep leading you back into addiction.”

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