Why Sobriety Can Be Tough, But Well Worth It with the Help of Drug Rehabilitation

If you’re suffering from addiction and it’s time to enter a mens or womens drug rehabilitation facility, you know there’s a lot of work ahead of you, but that it will be worth it. Recently Taosnews examined why achieving sobriety can be tough, but certainly worth it in the long run.

*As Ted Wiard writes in Taos News, “I believe that it is worth the work and over time, it becomes less work…” At the same time, “I wish that sobriety was an easy path.”

*Wiard continues that addiction “is a neurobiological disease that makes it so enormous effort, discipline and continuous care,” which of course includes drug rehabilitation, “are necessary to stay sober. Emotional sobriety is difficult for everybody, as the brain ias always trying to avoid and delete and level of discomfort.”

*Finally achieving sobriety “is a miracle,” Wiard continues, “as you have been able to take an enormous leap of fatith against your first thoughts and impulses. This cannot be done on your own and that is why recovery takes continuous care and maintenance to keep your internal tools sharp while always adding more tools and skills to your toolbox.”