The Struggle for Drug Rehab Centers in the Philippines

Going after drug dealers and killing them may not be the best way to combat a country’s drug war, but that’s how Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, had been going about it. But what about drug rehab centers in the Philippines? Well, that’s been a struggle as well.

*As ABS CBN News reports, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that the Philippines have plenty of rehabs, and don’t need more. This report says there are 13 regional drug rehab centers that can take care of “more difficult” cases of addiction, while the less extreme cases can go to what this report calls “community-based facilities.”

*Duque told a reporter, “I think we’re okay now. We can already live with the existing drug treatment rehabilitation centers.” He also didn’t feel that construction of the Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center was a mistake either. The Mega Rehab has 10,000 beds, but as of June there have only been 311 people in residence.

*”You have to be innovative, creative, you have to see for other uses it might serve,” Duque continued. “Parts of it may be used for some other purpose that is just the same aligned with our health agenda.”

*Earlier in November, a spokesperson for the President said the Mega Rehab was not meant to be “a permanent structure. Our long-term vision is once the drug problem has been resolved, this can be turned over to the military who owns the land or other agencies of government that can utilize, manage and optimize the facility.”