Some Suffering from Opioid Addiction Miss the Opportunity for Inpatient Drug Rehab

When people are suffering from opioid addiction, or any other severe addiction, the opportunity for inpatient drug rehab can save a life. But as Drug Addiction Now reports, “a new study exposes a shortfall in salvaged opportunities for advocating addiction treatment,” meaning the chance to give a patient a much needed intervention that can lead to inpatient drug rehab.

*One source reports a sobering statistic: “Every year there are roughly one million non-fatal overdoses that present a window of opportunity to intervene. The consequences of missing these opportunities are tens of thousands of deaths annually.”

*The fact that interventions are not being done is a “good subject for future research,” this source continues.

*While an overdose can scare someone into seeking help, there is great opportunity for people suffering from addiction to start treatment when in the hospital, which this source says can “reduce the stigma associated with treatment and educate providers on how to engage patients with treatment.”