Treating ADHD Could Be a Key to Preventing a Trip to Drug Treatment Centers In The Future

Addiction is never one size fits all, and it’s often a very complex puzzle and hard get to the root of why someone starts using. But as UPI reports, treating ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder at an early age may be able to help fight addiction, and potentially prevent trips to drug treatment centers down the road.

*This report states that if teens and adults are treated for ADHD, and take their medications for it, it could create “a lower risk” for addiction, and having to go to a drug treatment center for help. Patrick Quinn, who is leading this study, says there is “growing evidence that ADHAD medication is linked to lower risk for many types of harmful behavior, including substance abuse.”

*Quinn also added that the results of this study “also highlight the importance of careful diagnosis and compliance with treatment.”

*This study examined data from three million people who have ADHD in the United States. Among those who took their medication, the risk of addiction was 35% lower among men and 31% among women.

*ADHD medications that patients take that can potentially lower the risk of addiction include Adderall, Ritalin, and Strattera.

*While this study is certainly not a cure all for addiction, and isn’t conclusive proof that treating ADHD can stop everyone from being an addict, but there were definite links in this study in many cases, and could hopefully go a long way in helping addicts before they have to check into drug treatment centers down the road.