Addiction Treatment Assessment

Here at Merito, we guarantee that your father, husband, boyfriend, brother or son will undergo careful assessments for a more accurate diagnosis and a better-designed treatment plan to suit their unique needs.

Each patient’s progress and long-term success are always at the forefront of our minds. But for progress to be put into motion and for success to become truly attainable, there must be a thorough series of assessments.

What to Expect During Assessment?

Essentially, it is during assessment when the very nature of a patient’s background, personal history, and present medical issues are accurately determined, defined and evaluated. Only after then can our skilled healthcare team be able to design and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan considering the patient’s unique needs.

Assessment covers the following:

  • Gathering of essential details surrounding a patient’s medical and psychiatric status. In addition, we also wish to go beyond such technicalities and further into his emotional state, to somehow gauge his readiness and motivation toward rehabilitation.   It is also among the many goals of assessment to discover a patient’s strengths, weaknesses, as well as other co-occurring mental health issues.
  • After having collected important data on the patient, our qualified team will then proceed with organizing and interpreting them before coming up with a thoroughly accurate dual-diagnosis. While other rehab facilities hire general or non-specialized staff to conduct, administer and score screenings, Merito takes things one level higher.   We make sure that each patient is greeted by professionals who specialize on the crucial task of assessment.

Merito guarantees that each member of our assessment team carries the following qualifications:

  • A professional degree.
  • A certification in substance abuse treatment.
  • Special training in the proper use of tools for screening and assessing patients.

Recovery success can be attained with proper diagnosis, and proper diagnosis can be reached through careful assessment.

Medical Evaluation

Merito takes pride in having a professional healthcare team that thoroughly and accurately conducts a medical evaluation, upon which the success or failure of recovery lies. We understand how important assessment is in designing accurate and effective treatment plans considering each patient’s unique status.

Psychological Testing

Any treatment plan is incomplete, and thus rendered less efficient, in the absence of psychological testing. Merito has a team of seasoned and sensitive psychologists to help determine if a patient has co-occurring mental health issues along with his addiction.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Addiction is a disease. But unlike other more minor diseases that require simpler, black-and-white treatment methods that generally suit anyone, treatment for addiction is varied and multifaceted. It affects a patient’s physical, mental, emotional and social well-being, thus making psychiatric evaluation imperative.

Brain Wellness

Drugs can damage mainly the brain and the central nervous system of the user. But hope is not lost. You still have a chance of reversing this damage through Merito’s brain wellness therapy, which shares basically the same principle with fitness training.

Cognitive Testing

Drugs and alcohol can destroy everything about you – your physical, mental, emotional, social and legal well-being. On the physical aspect, brain damage is the worst that can happen. Merito hopes to reverse any impaired cognitive abilities you might have, primarily through cognitive testing.

Cognitive Retraining

Just as you can train your body for physical agility, strength, and endurance, you can also rewire your thought processes and mental behavior through Merito’s cognitive training. This is meant to restore and rehabilitate cognitive impairments caused by drugs and alcohol.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

There have been studies showing how more effective and less detrimental it can be to incorporate genetic factors into the process of prescribing medications for diseases. Addiction is a disease that can be genetic or inherited. Thus, Merito makes use of pharmacogenetic testing for the maximum benefit of patients.

Toxicology Testing

Individuals suffering from addiction don’t always give honest or accurate answers during an assessment, withholding crucial information on what other drug/s they may be using. Knowing this fact, Merito conducts toxicology testing on patients in order to create a more suitable treatment plan.

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