Cognitive Retraining

Treating the effect and not the cause is not the best way to overcome your drug addiction. If you really want your recovery to be for the long term, you need to recognize the root cause of the problem. This is why the cognitive retraining at Merito is your best option.

“We must realize that cognitive hygiene is as important subject as oral hygiene for healthy and happy existence.”
– Aditya Ajmera

The Need to Retrain Your Cognitive Functions

One of the most unfortunate results of your drug or alcohol addiction is the damage it has done to your brain. Compared to the brain of a normal person, your brain has lost some of its ability to recall, make wise decisions and to concentrate.

If you don’t want further damage to your brain, you need to stop your destructive habit now and undertake at once an appropriate drug rehab program. This drug rehab treatment plan must include cognitive retraining owing to the fact that your brain has already been damaged by the drug’s toxic chemicals.

What Is Cognitive Retraining?

It is a type of therapy that is designed to restore an individual’s ability to focus, organize, remember, understand, reason, and make decisions. All these abilities are interrelated, making it an important tool for anyone who is trying to reverse the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

It is an aspect of cognitive rehabilitation that is usually integrated into a comprehensive treatment program for drug and alcohol addicts. This treatment method is also used for those who have suffered brain injuries and mental disabilities.

Its Importance In The Recovery Process

Cognitive retraining becomes important to the former drug and alcohol abuser because it aims to mitigate and reduce his cognitive problems. By undertaking this therapy, he will be able to minimize the manifestation of his cognitive disabilities in his everyday life. As a result, the quality of his life will improve.

“Cognitive and character skills work together as dynamic complements; they are inseparable. Skills beget skills. More motivated children learn more. Those who are more informed usually make wiser decisions.”
– James Heckman

Different Kinds Of Retraining

At Merito, we offer different kinds of cognitive retraining. These include:

  • Memory retraining – You will be taught by our mental health experts about different techniques that will enable you to recall certain kinds of information.
  • Problem solving – Our doctors will also teach you how to solve your problems, by yourself and with other people’s help.  You will be trained to consider possible solutions from other’s perspectives.
  • Focus retraining – This method will enable you to improve your concentration, maintaining or dividing it and resisting distractions.
  • Executive skills – Our mental experts will teach you how to monitor yourself, plan ahead, manage your time, set objectives, apply your skills to new situations, control your thoughts, and how to act in social situations.
  • Reasoning – You will be taught how to organize information in a rational and logical way.  There are a lot of things that are involved in formulating your reason and you need to develop the capability of correlating all these things before forming your concepts.
  • Organization – This training will help you overcome your problems with completing tasks, doing them in an organized way, finding and tracking items.   By retraining your organizational skills, you will be better able to handle your tasks at home or at the office after completing your rehab program.

The cognitive retraining that we offer at Merito will help you get back the cognitive functions that were damaged by your drug or alcohol addiction. But it’s very important for you to commit yourself to your drug rehab program to achieve long-term recovery.

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