Cognitive Testing

One of the most devastating effects of prohibited drugs is the degradation of your cognitive abilities. Your capacity to recognize and remember things, and the quality of your logic and your decisions will be adversely affected. These are the things that you probably haven’t considered when you insisted on abusing drugs or alcohol these many years.

“Cognitive psychology tells us that the unaided human mind is vulnerable to many fallacies and illusions because of its reliance on its memory for vivid anecdotes rather than systematic statistics.”
– Steven Pinker

Now, you are already fed up with your habit and are ready to go straight again. After taking the brave first step to call out for help, your best option is to undergo cognitive testing before being admitted to a rehab program. We at Merito conduct such testing from the first call and we do it to ensure that you will be able to fully recover from your addiction.

Why Is It Important?

This type of test is important because it is the only way a mental health expert can assess the damage that the prohibited drug or alcohol has done to your brain. Without this assessment, he cannot design a program that will successfully get you past your addiction.

Cognitive testing will enable him to look at the different parameters of your brain functions and correlate them with the normal brain functions of a normal person who has never taken dangerous drugs. Thus, the mental health provider will be able to see how far your brain has slid down.

Don’t Be Afraid

But there’s no need for you to worry. If you’ve not been too deep into your drug problem, there is still hope. Your brain has the capacity to heal itself – if you will treat it right and do the necessary steps to initiate a comeback.

What You Can Expect

Cognitive testing is not a test of your intelligence. It is not an IQ test, but a test of your ability to focus, remember and make wise decisions. You will be tested or asked questions that will show if you can still perform these three basic brain functions in a normal way. The areas you may be tested will include:

  • Attention span – The test will determine how easily you are distracted.  It can also test your capacity to think rationally and complete a thought.
  • Judgment – This test will determine if there is any damage done to your problem-solving skills and your ability to reason normally.  Some questions may involve moral decisions.
  • Orientation – To determine if you still have a right orientation, you will be asked elementary things such as your name, your address, names of family members, the date or the season and such things.
  • Language – Your ability to read, speak and write will also be tested.   You may be asked to read and write sentences or say words and sentences out loud.
  • Memory The mental health provider will also assess your memory or your ability to recall your past, such as your childhood experiences, situations with your family or friends and related things.

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