Pharmacogenetic Testing

While the physiological characteristics of every individual are virtually the same, not everyone reacts to internal and external stimulus in the same manner. Some people can quickly cope with traumatic events while others need treatment to be able to function properly. Likewise, eating peanuts has an adverse effect on some individuals, while others are unbothered by the same allergic reaction. The same can be said about people’s varied reaction to medicine and pharmaceuticals.

“Personalized medicine, which we will also call molecular medicine, is the antithesis of magical thinking. It is driven by the conviction that every ailment you have has a cause at the molecular level and that once you understand the cause of your disorder, an appropriate molecular-level.”
– Anonymous

Because of the risk of adverse reaction to medicine, there has a recent push for individualized and personalized drug treatment. At present, pharmacogenetic testing is the simplest way to figure out the best recourse of action for any given ailment including mental illness and addiction.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing is a kind of test that is grounded in the burgeoning field of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is a branch of medicine that tries to understand the relationship of a person’s unique genetic makeup and the possible treatments available for him. This field studies the individual variations in genes and individual has which can influence his reaction to any given drug. It should be said that no matter how diminutive the variance is, there is a possibility that the drug would not work for an individual.

As of the moment, the main goal of administering a pharmacogenetic test is to determine which treatments to avoid and which treatments would have the best result for a patient. Facilities like Merito can provide pharmacogenetic testing that would be integral in determining the best course of action.

Why is Pharmacogenetic Testing Integral in the Treatment of Mental Illness and Addiction?

Suffering from mental illness or addiction can take a toll on a person’s body and psyche. Not only does it affect an individual, but the sheer number of people having to cope with mental ailments has an effect on productivity and the strength of the economy.

Nevertheless, any given individual can turn to Merito for help. Pharmacogenetic testing can be one step to alleviate the problem of mental illness by providing a personalized type of treatment.

“The clinical question ‘What is the matter?’ is being rephrased as ‘What matters to you?’We want our patients’ wellness to be our first priority. This starts with the values that we should promote. That is professional behavior.”

Pharmacogenetic Testing is Cost-Effective

Most treatment for mental illness and addiction is done through trial and error based on the best recommendation of a physician and the reports coming from necessary therapy sessions. With that being said, there are instances that medication needs to be tweaked time and time again in order to get the desired results. The tweaking has resulted to over $80 million in expense for residents of the US alone in one year. Pharmacogenetic testing provides a clearer insight into what the best treatment is – without having to go through the arduous and expensive trial and error process.

Pharmacogenetic Testing Makes Treatment Faster

Treating mental illness, even with great facilities like Merito, can be a time-consuming process. However, with the right medication and the perfect combination of drugs and talk therapy, recovery would be in hastier reach. This is where pharmacogenetic testing proves to be beneficial. In getting the medication right the first time, the long treatment process can be significantly reduced.

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