Psychiatric Evaluation

Abusing drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time is not good for your brain because it will affect your mental capacity as well as your physical health. These prohibited drugs contain chemical substances that are toxic to your brain. And if you have been ingesting the drug for some time, your mental capacity will surely be affected.

Why Is It Necessary?

The primary reason why you need to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before you are admitted to a rehab center like Merito is that this is the only way the mental health specialist can assess if there are any co-occurring mental health disorders in conjunction with the addiction, a situation known as dual diagnosis.

The psychiatric assessment will be conducted by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. He has been educated, trained and licensed to do this job, therefore you can be confident that his assessment of your mental capacity will be objective.

What’s The Purpose?

Since you are courageously trying to put yourself in a rehab program, Merito will give you all the help you will need for full recovery. And the first step to ensuring that this process will be successful is an evaluation of your mental capacity.

You will be asked to undergo two types of evaluations:

  • Medical evaluation – an assessment of your physical health to determine the extent of the damage done by the drug to your body
  • Psychiatric evaluation – the assessment of your mental health to determine the adverse effects drug use has had on your brain and to assess mental health disorders.

What You Can Expect

There are certain steps that you will have to take when you submit yourself at Merito’s psychiatric assessment.

  • Interview – the psychologist or psychiatrist will ask you certain questions about yourself and your drug addiction. Aside from taking note of your answers, he will also observe how you talk, how you move and how you look. Be prepared to answer questions about your symptoms, your feelings, and your complaints. The doctor may also ask certain questions to see how well you remember, reason and think. Remember, all these questions are designed to determine your mental capacity. He is not asking them because he wants to pry into your personal life.
  • Physical exam – based on his observations about your physical appearance, he may ask you to undergo a physical exam which will be conducted by a general practitioner. This may be necessary for designing the right treatment program that will enable you to kick your drug addiction.

“If I went to a psychiatrist, it would be a long session. I’ve always thought that I do have a number of issues that probably need dealing with because I am quite odd in some ways.”
– Simon Cowell

How Long is the Evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation usually lasts from half an hour to one hour. But the actual time really depends on the reason for the assessment. Since you are being assessed on the effects of the drugs you are taking, the mental health provider will focus on your hostility, anger, resentment and other related emotional responses.

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