Therapeutic Programs

Drug and alcohol treatment can become much more rewarding if it involves therapeutic programs that involve a patient’s overall wellness. Although treatment may employ different methods that include physical, behavioral, and psychological outcome, ultimately, the main intention is to remove the hard symptoms caused by withdrawal and to eliminate the recurrence of the same problem. Merito, the drug and alcohol rehab center for men, aims to make sobriety an easy journey and a lifelong relation that will give you a satisfying and fruitful life.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”
– Unknown

What are the goals of Therapeutic Therapies?

These therapeutic therapies are aimed at giving you a life that is gratifying beyond your addiction. They will contribute to your wholeness and total well-being. In addition, they will provide you with remedial elements that are proven to work effectively along with the drug and alcohol treatment programs. These therapeutic therapies blend the scientific and corrective elements that can get rid of the problems associated with drug and alcohol rebounds.

As rebounds can be the hardest phase towards a lifelong sobriety and the side issues can be the most life threatening, undergoing the right therapy can make this stage a safer and much more attainable portion towards your goal of drug and alcohol treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Program

This treatment program is directed towards a person who suffers both mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or personality problems and an addictive behavior, including drug and alcohol dependency, gambling or sex addiction and other behavioral addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment for drug addiction involves different modalities of therapy, including detoxification, medications, and behavioral counseling. This treatment is to support you in stopping your compulsive drug seeking and dependence. Drug addiction treatment also includes multiple interventions and constant monitoring as this can be marked by occasional relapses.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment for alcohol dependency is aimed towards abstinence. The process involves detoxification, counseling and medications as well as maintenance of sobriety. Treatment also often includes social support and motivation to supplement a good recovery. It may also include therapy for any other co-existing psychiatric problems.

Detox Options

Detoxification is very important for the body to get rid of addictive substances. This therapy is very important when seeking the need for sobriety as it eliminates foreign substances in the body’s mechanism. Detox teaches the body and brain to cooperate with each other in keeping you free from the harmful dependence towards substances.

Drug Detox

Drug detox helps to remove physical dependence towards a drug or alcohol. It is the initial step towards a comprehensive rehabilitation program and provides the needed element appropriated towards recovery. The main goal of drug detox is to provide psychological healing after a long-term drug dependency.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is a significant initial step towards alcohol management. As alcoholism is a chronic problem, alcohol detox helps manage alcoholism. The process is medically supervised and in most instances engages the need for medications. This is important in controlling the symptoms associated with the withdrawal phase.

Mental Health

The treatment often involves counseling to get rid of co-occurring addiction related problems. This is a very important therapy element as most drug and alcohol dependence is correlated to a mental health issue. Mental health therapy is a very important aspect of leading to sobriety.

Sub-Acute Detox

Sub-acute detox incorporates both body and mind in eliminating detrimental bodily toxins. It helps remove the psychological and physical symptoms associated with the withdrawal phase. The process mostly involves the aid of medical professionals in managing and reducing the symptoms providing the complete safety of a patient.

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