Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

They say talk is cheap, but if talking it out can help you reach something, then it can have a lot more value than you realized.

As men are perceived by society to be very action-oriented, it’s easy to see why many are averse to the idea of sitting down and just talking. But it’s because of this way of thinking that many are unable to see the many benefits of having someone to talk to when problems arise. Everyday, we are bombarded with stereotypical images of tough, stoic men in movies, television shows, and music – all of them with a solution to everything and refusing to talk to their co-stars when something goes wrong.

“The fun of talk is to explore.”
– Ernest Hemingway

But this doesn’t always happen in real life. In spite of what these images tell us, talking is a very healthy and viable option for anyone going through struggles. At Merito, we offer you our cognitive behavioral therapy, where we encourage our clients to just sit down and talk. The more we get to talk, the more we begin to uncover the many solutions you have available to you.

How Does This Work?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is known for its structure, as you can expect to have regular sessions with your therapist, and to have all of these sessions follow a specific format.

But that’s not to say that the structure is rigid or unable to change. In fact, most cognitive behavioral therapy is actually very flexible, and all of its changes will be completely up to you. We want to make sure that each session is tailor-fit for you and your own specific needs, so while your sessions will follow a pattern, you can expect to be allowed to switch them up, if you feel the need to.

By having a structure, we mean having a definite start and end to helping you move on. You outline the goal and we’ll help you get to that goal. In cognitive behavioral therapy, it also becomes easier to track your progress, as regular assignments from your therapist will help you track how far along your journey you are.

With cognitive behavioral therapy, we place a premium on what you can contribute to your own healing process. In order to get better, you must want to take an active part in getting better. It’s surprising how far a change in mindset will get you, and we at Merito, are dedicated to helping you help yourself.

But you must be willing to take that step forward with us – without you to drive the vehicle, this ride is going nowhere.

“A man who procrastinates in choosing will inevitably have his choice made by him by circumstance.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

What Can You Get Out Of This?

  • Take charge of your own fate. By taking an active part in engineering your own solution, you will begin to feel a boost in your confidence levels. You will learn to move on from your problems on your own, and in your own time.  Our therapists will be there to help you, but this is all, ultimately, on you.
  • Change the way you think about things, as well as the way you choose to act on them. Before you can change your actions, you must first change the way you think and feel about your previous mistakes. With cognitive behavioral therapy, we encourage you to give a positive spin to these dark moments in your life. Changing your mindset on these moments doesn’t mean forgetting that they ever happened entirely.  However, you will begin to feel the difference when you stop thinking of them as problems and start thinking of them as a means to change instead.
  • Empower yourself to work towards something substantial. After regular sessions with your therapist, you will start to view your own goal in a clearer and better light, as nothing else will seem more important to you than achieving it. With cognitive behavioral therapy, we encourage you to find out what really matters to you, and then working hard to make sure it stays relevant to you.

With Merito’s cognitive behavioral therapy, you’ll find that even if there will be a lot of talking to address your problems, there will be much action to take too. The difference here is that you take an active part in getting better, instead of just listening to what your therapist will tell you. At Merito, not only do we want you to get better – we want to make sure you feel good about it, too. Talk to us today and discover the many ways we can help you live life again.

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