Behavioral Health Treatment Program

If you have been told you have a mental health disorder, you might feel abnormal. However, you might be surprised to find out that one in five American adults has experienced a mental illness within the past year. Millions of sufferers also have a dual diagnosis of both mental health and substance abuse disorders that require behavioral health treatment.

You are not alone if you struggle with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hallucinations, delusions, difficulty concentrating, or mood swings. Likewise, you are not the only one who has turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with stress and escape from the problems of life. Even if you think there is no way out, more people contend with these thoughts than you know. The good news is, help is available right now — before it’s too late.

Get Help!

The best choice you can make is to call Merito behavioral health treatment centers to schedule an assessment. We can offer you a variety of tests to help you pinpoint the best form of treatment action to help you achieve sobriety. In addition, we can offer you a variety of treatments to help you combat mental illness symptoms.

Behavioral Health Disorder Assessments

The first step to seeking the help you need is to receive a proper evaluation. When coming to one of our behavioral health facilities, you will undergo one or more of the following tests.

  • Medical evaluation – Proper examination by a medical doctor can rule out any physical conditions that are causing mental or emotional problems. Being evaluated by a physician can also determine the effects that drugs and alcohol dependency has on your life.
  • Cognitive testing – Undergoing examinations that will identify age-related and medical-related health problems is one step toward receiving successful treatment. Finding out if your brain has suffered permanent damage after a stroke or an accident also helps.  Our behavioral health centers also can determine whether you are suffering age-related brain deterioration.  We might even discover a health issue unbeknownst to you, so you can have it treated immediately.
  • Psychiatric assessment – Our expert psychiatrists can evaluate your mental health symptoms and offer you a diagnosis. This also helps in the event we need to administer medication and find ways to treat your dual diagnosis of mental health disorder and substance abuse.  We try to find solutions that are not habit-forming in order to help you live a sober life.

Once you have received one or more assessments, we will work with you to devise the best possible behavioral health treatment plan. Our compassionate staff is on your side, and we want to see you throughout your lifelong recovery journey.

Our Behavioral Health Program Philosophy

Our aim is to empower you and provide you the support you need. In the process, we help you overcome the embarrassment that is characteristic of people suffering a mental disorder. In addition, we strive to treat mental health disorders and substance abuse issues as early as possible before symptoms progress without being treated.

Furthermore, we believe in continued education and support long after your initial inpatient or outpatient behavioral health program period has ended. For example, we teach people how stress can affect the body’s immune system and cause physical sicknesses in addition to mental health problems.

What to Expect from our Behavioral Health Centers

You can expect us to provide you with the tools to help you take back control of your life. In addition, we help you teach your family and friends more about the misconceptions of mental illness. In the process, we offer you innovative insight into difficulties you have at work or in relating to others.

Here are additional expected results after entering our behavioral health treatment program:

  • You will increase your ability to handle stressful situations.
  • Living without using drugs or alcohol will become easier.
  • Self-esteem will improve and self-respect will increase.
  • You will begin to live up to your full potential.
  • Healthy habits will become more “automatic” for you.
  • Medical expenses are likely to decrease.
  • Relationships in your life will improve.
  • Making and keeping friends is likely to become easier.
  • You will experience less physical stress symptoms (i.e. hypertension, indigestion, ulcers, colitis, colds and more).
  • Your body will keep a strong defense against cancer, sickness, and disease.
  • Moods will become more stable, and you will be able to manage mood changes.

If you are concerned about your mental or physical health, please call today. We will set you on the path that will help you make sounder choices in life than you did in the past. Furthermore, we will provide access to motivational tools to keep you interested in improving your well-being. For instance, we encourage proper nutrition and regular exercise as ways to combat stress.

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