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Christian addiction recovery is a growing force in the world of rehabilitation. It goes hand in hand with the tenets of the 12-Step program, with their admitting powerlessness before a higher power. Through faith, millions have found the strength to defeat their demons and find sobriety. If you are trying to figure out a way to get past your addiction, or you are ready to connect with God in while attending a drug or alcohol rehab facility, then you may want to consider the faith-based Christian rehab program for men here at Merito.

Growing Your Relationship with God While Healing Yourself

One of the most amazing parts of Merito’s Christian addiction treatment program is that it does not require you to be Christian to enjoy the benefits of the professional, medical and therapeutic program. You can explore your own spirituality during each of the sessions of your treatment, and still get the benefits of going to rehab. And for Christian men suffering from addiction, the faith-based program is the best of both worlds.

“The priority of any addict is to anesthetize the pain of living to ease the passage of day with some purchased relief.”
― Russell Brand

Merito’s Christian rehab for men gives you the ability to explore your recovery with guidance from our pastoral leaders and Bible groups. Faith-based rehab programs are based on the outline of a 12 step addiction treatment program, and allow you to move forward when you feel comfortable. The positivity our ministers bring to the table is a great boon to our patients.

  • Admitting you are powerless over your specific addiction
  • Figuring out you can still have hope when you turn to your higher power
  • Handing your struggles over to that higher power and asking for help
  • Look at who you truly are based on your choices and actions
  • Admitting your faults to the higher power you chose at the beginning
  • Readying yourself to have those faults fixed by the higher power
  • Asking that those faults be fixed once you have readied yourself
  • List out all of the people who were hurt by your addiction directly
  • Make things right with the people you hurt during your addiction
  • Looking at you are regularly and fixing any faults you see along your journey
  • Meditate (often through prayer) to learn the direction you should head next
  • Help others begin and navigate this process

Christian Rehab Aftercare

Men in the Merito Christian addiction treatment program normally learn a lot while working their way through the program. You will learn about discipleship, which allows you to gain insight as to how you can help yourself and others with their recovery journey through the teachings of the Bible. Prayer and guided meditation are offered as well, to intimately connect with God.

These spiritual influences will help you strengthen your faith, your physical health, gain confidence and strength while you are staying at Merito, but they will also be available as you re-enter the daily routine you were used to, without drugs or alcohol. God’s strength is infinite; you can call on your newly learned lessons and you newly strengthened faith to help avoid relapses and temptations. Merito Christian track alumni learn how to reach out to those around them, and bond through mutual experience and faith. In fact, our aftercare programs continue with alumni events, BBQs, prayer circles, and the like so our community can continue to support each other.

Merito Is Dedicated to Helping You Succeed

Merito is dedicated to helping men who want to seek a deeper relationship with God during their rehab from drugs or alcohol. It is a delicate balance, but we have the experience to help you achieve it. Call us today, and let us help you connect your spiritual path to your recovery path while getting over your addiction.

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