Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The term drug addiction can include addiction to prescription and illegal drugs. With over 24 million individuals over the age of 12 being addicted to drugs of some kind, it is clear that the problem is real for many. There is help and more than 2.6 million people receive that help. You don’t have to live a life that is out of control. Getting help from Merito’s drug rehab addiction treatment center can set you down the path toward sobriety.

Personalized Approach

Recovery for men and women is often different. Taking an approach that fits better with men’s unique needs can have better results for the individual. Finding a drug addiction treatment program that fits your individual needs can often be the best way to set yourself up for success. Finding help immediately can make the difference in the level of damage that you suffer. Drug addiction can cause memory and learning difficulty, behavioral control and a decrease in motivation. The process of drug addiction treatment is intended to help the individual to stop using drugs, learn how to avoid falling back into bad habits and learn to set goals.

There are several parts to the process of drug rehab addiction treatment. Some of the parts to the process typically include the following:

Detoxification or Detox

This is the most dangerous and physically challenging part of the process. The body needs to be purged of the drugs in the system in order to start healing. This can often cause physical symptoms that can be uncomfortable or painful. The process is best completed with the help of a medical professional or team of professionals. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal that you might face during the process of detox could include, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, headache, body aches, dizziness and sweating as well as agitation.


The process includes finding out why the person turns to drugs. This often includes attending meetings with peers, individual counseling, family counseling and in some cases medication to assist with the process. Behavioral modification can be a part of the process to ensure that the individual doesn’t fall back into similar habits. This process might also include education such as nutrition, how to avoid pitfalls and what your addiction is all about.

Maintenance for Sobriety

Once the treatment has been completed the person will need to know how to spot triggers that could send them back to the same behavior. They will also need to understand how to manage those triggers. It is important that the person is also able to rely on others for support when things get difficult. This could mean being a part of a support group and having a sponsor to call upon if they feel they could be in trouble staying sober.

Types of Facilities

Not all facilities are the same and you want to be sure you are choosing a style of treatment that is going to work well for you. The options will greatly depend on your situation and what you need from the facility.

  • Inpatient Facility: You can take advantage of an in-patient facility allowing you to stay on the premises throughout the process of treatment.  This can often be beneficial if you need the consistent assistance or if you need to be in an environment with few outside distractions.
  • Outpatient Facility: You might also choose an out-patient situation that allows the individual to attend treatment while staying outside of the facility. This might be best for you if you have a handle on the situation at home or your lifestyle doesn’t allow for you to take time for in-patient treatment.

The Importance of Getting Help

While you could try to stop taking drugs on your own, there are many reasons that you should turn to a drug treatment facility. The detox process should be accomplished with the help of a medical team for safety reasons. There are many things that can happen during the detox including chills, vomiting, aches, and fever. Having a staff of professionals on hand is essential. You will also find that having the professionals available to you through the treatment process helps you learn more about your addiction and your triggers. This means you will be able to gain the tools necessary to stay on the path to sobriety.

You don’t have to live with drug addiction. You can find help for you and your family. Get started on the road to recovery.

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