Elderly Rehab Centers

Elderly substance abusers have it hard when it comes time to try and break that addiction. They often don’t have the same level of support or health that younger patients have to rely on when getting well. For that reason, and many others, it’s important to ensure that elderly addicts go to special rehabs designed specifically for their needs. These programs are more likely to work where others fail and give elderly patients what they need to become addiction free.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
– Robert Collier

Addiction is Often Easier for the Elderly

There is a great deal of substance abuse problems among elderly individuals in society. It’s difficult to speculate the exact reasoning behind this problem, but it’s something that is clearly a pattern. These problems partly stem from the differences between the physiologies of a young person and an elderly person. An elderly person’s body doesn’t hold up as well against addictive substances. They have a slower metabolism and the effects of alcohol or other drugs remain in the system longer. This can make the substances more addictive and difficult to get over.

Not only are the substances more difficult to get over and easier to become addicted to in the elderly, but there are often enhanced opportunities for addiction to occur. Many retirees have newfound time on their hands and nothing to fill it with. Some elderly have strong medications available to them that are easy to get addicted to and simple to abuse. There are plenty of opportunities for addiction to occur as we age that simply were not there during the younger years of living.

“At the bottom of every person’s dependency, there is always pain, Discovering the pain and healing it is an essential step in ending dependency.”
― Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

How Treatment Works

Treatment at a top-level rehab center is a multi-pronged approach that combines many different techniques to effectively help the patient overcome addiction. Classes and programs that encourage exercise are often one of the major parts of this treatment. Things like yoga, weight training or walking are used to help distract from the addiction, and to heal the body as well.

Professional therapists and addict counselors are available to help patients understand their addiction more effectively, and to offer treatment for the withdrawal symptoms they are suffering from. These professionals work alongside many other staff members to help achieve an environment that is conducive for getting over a powerful addiction.

Pieces of the Treatment Puzzle

  • Treat the withdrawal symptoms
  • Build new healthy hobbies
  • Help the patient adjust to a new lifestyle
  • Bring additional exercise into daily life
  • Plan for the future and forge new important relationships
  • Rediscovering or reconnecting with God in a Christian track program

How Elderly Patients Handle Treatment

Elderly patients must be treated with care and most of the treatment programs have to go a bit slower than they would for a younger patient. That’s because withdrawal symptoms commonly continue longer than they would in a younger patient. An aged body simply takes longer to overcome the negative side effects of a drug addiction, whatever the addiction may be. Many patients are given prescription medications to help overcome some of their problems from the addiction, but the medications given out are administered carefully and a lot more care goes into picking the right type of prescribe, because the patients are more likely to have issues with medications with more illnesses and complications to work around in many instances.

Elderly patients going through a quality rehab program can respond quite positively to treatment when it’s administered properly, but it’s important to realize that they are going to move through the steps more slowly in most instances. It’s a longer and more time-consuming process for them to break the addiction, and part of that process is life restructuring.

The patients have to learn how to live healthy lifestyles after making it out of the program, and that is often a lengthy process that requires making significant changes after making it back home once again. It’s a change that many patients have a hard time making, but it’s a change for the better.

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”
– Zen proverb

Merito House is a men’s treatment center that has facilities specializing in treating elderly patients with the proper care that they need. Our treatment centers are staffed with professionals that understand the needs of elderly patients. Our facilities are located in sunny Southern California and offer many patients just the change they need to successfully get back to a healthy lifestyle once again. Call us today to help you or your loved one get the recovery they so deserve, so they can live out the rest of their lives in peace and happiness.

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