Holistic Rehab Treatment

An increasingly popular form of addiction rehabilitation to assist addicts in getting their life back is holistic rehab treatment. As the name suggests, this form of treatment is concerned with helping the person as a whole, rather than merely focusing on his addiction problem. This approach acknowledges that there are many facets to a person – one is made up of body, mind, and soul.

“I understood, through rehab, things about creating characters. I understood that creating whole people means knowing where we come from, how we can make a mistake and how we overcome things to make ourselves stronger.”
– Samuel L. Jackson

When a father, for example, becomes addicted to drugs, the negative effects are not confined within himself alone. The addiction problem will affect his relationship with his family and significant others, as well as his job and income.

Men are extra burdened by the expectations of society to be stronger and more stable. This is the reason why it makes a lot of sense to address all related issues that may have contributed to the problem, rather than merely helping him to stop abusing drugs and other substances. This is the reason why we, at Merito, understand the value of holistic rehab treatment especially among men considering that addiction affects not only the physical body but every part of one’s being as well.

General Benefits of Holistic Rehab Treatment

While all types of rehabilitation programs have their own advantages, holistic rehab treatment is unique and beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It is non-threatening – majority of addicts are afraid to enter a rehabilitation facility because of conventional forms of treatment which seem to be more formal and strict. On the other hand, activities under the holistic rehabilitation program such as yoga, meditation, sports therapy, and massage, are inviting and less intimidating.
  • It combines various forms of therapies and treatment – employing different forms of therapy in the rehabilitation program can make patients more responsive and productive during the entire treatment process.
  • It sees the patient as a person and not just another clinical subject – the holistic approach appreciates the fact that a person is unique, not only physically but in his needs, motivation, and aspirations as well. With this in mind, there is no such thing as a one-method-for-all cure; everyone is treated individually.

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”
– Bernard Williams

Holistic versus Conventional Rehabilitation Treatment

Apart from the general benefits described above, there are other advantages in choosing the holistic approach over conventional rehabilitation treatment such as the following:

  • The holistic rehab treatment considers the well-being of the entire individual (body, mind, and spirit) while conventional treatment focuses strictly on ensuring that the patient stops abusing drugs and other substances.
  • The holistic approach also practices individualized form of rehabilitation by carefully diagnosing the root cause of the problem, the patient’s needs, and what activities and therapies would work best given the personality and uniqueness of the person. Traditional treatment, however, employs packaged-treatment that has been proven effective for a number of patients.
  • The holistic rehab program is much open to alternative forms of treatment. The same uses medicines derived from nature and other seemingly common activities while conventional treatment is often not keen on utilizing natural remedies.

Holistic Treatment Process

Since the holistic approach emphasizes the need to acknowledge and treat the entire being of the patient as a whole and not just by its parts, it is understandable that the holistic treatment process is divided into three key areas:

Treatment of the Body

Needless to say, the physical body of a drug-dependent is in need of treatment and attention because of the damage brought about by substance abuse. It is important to note that before recovery can take place, the body should be nursed back to health and recuperate. This is the reason why nutrition therapy, exercise, massage, and nutritional education are integral activities under the holistic rehab treatment.

Treatment of the Mind

A holistic rehabilitation program involves individual counseling in order to determine the underlying cause of substance abuse. During this time, the patient is also provided and taught essential life skills that will help in positively dealing with challenges and problems in the future. Group counseling is also introduced to give the patient the opportunity to practice said life skills and to develop other coping mechanisms by interacting with other people.

Treatment of the Spirit

One can never discount the power of involving the spiritual aspect of the person in order to achieve positive changes. In holistic treatment, a patient is taught the value of meditation, prayer and other Christian addiction recovery exercises to help him become more aware of what is happening inside himself. Being in-tune with oneself is critical to fully understand what is going on around.

“Body, mind, and spirit are not separate parts. Instead, they are more like lenses, or ways of focusing. The awareness of oneness and the peace it brings
can be nurtured by anyone who is interested.”
– Marcey Shapiro

In order for an addict to fully recover and lessen the possibility of relapse, every aspect of his person should be analyzed and cared for. Holistic rehab treatment provides the patient with the opportunity to be completely healed of addiction while at the same time learning and appreciating various coping skills that will help him deal with the setbacks in the real world.

If you are ready to change and be free from addiction, you can come to us. We, at Merito, are committed to nurturing your body, mind, and soul so you can finally rebuild your life and stay on track.

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