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When people make that decision to give up on their addiction, they embark on a rewarding but complex journey towards sobriety. Access to the gym is an important component of recovery and should also be an integral part of every treatment program. This provides a patient an opportunity of keeping themselves not just mentally fit, but also physically prepared for combatting their fight against addiction. Some of the benefits of exercise while getting yourself healthy and turning your life around during rehabilitation include:

  • Exercise keeps you in good physical shape which means you are less likely to gravitate towards medical problems like cardiovascular conditions, obesity, and diabetes. When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, you are more likely to neglect your physical fitness by the time you seek help. Exercise gets you on the proper track in keeping your physical wellbeing.
  • Access to the gym while on your recovery also helps you get rid of the additional weight that can often be associated with medications prescribed during the treatment process. Physical activity helps you burn calories, although they may not be sufficient enough for those who already has excessive weight. Nonetheless, it maintains your weight and keeps off any additional pounds you may incur during recovery.
  • Physical activity during the rehabilitation process releases good hormones that boost mental activity and mood. Exercise also makes you livelier and creates a diversion that helps you avoid relapse triggers.

Access to the gym should be fundamentally part of your therapy program. This will make your rehabilitation more effective as you find ways of keeping yourself healthy not just mentally but physically.

“Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got…”
– Anonymous

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