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Individuals who are addicted to drugs and other substances often have far more problems than only freeing themselves from addiction. One of these problems includes addressing their nutritional concerns. Physiologically, drug abusers are in desperate need of recovery considering that abusing drugs and other substances damages the different systems of the body. Moreover, they are most likely in need of a lot of essential nutrients since they were practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. Given these reasons, it is unfortunate that not all drug recovery programs consider nutrition as a crucial element in rehabilitation.

Good Food Can Help Your Recovery Go Smoother

We, at Merito House, fully understand the following importance of nutrition and having a nutritionist on site plan the treatment program with us:

  • Proper nutrition greatly helps in repairing damaged organs, boosting energy, and strengthening the immune system, which are all critical, particularly during the withdrawal phase.
  • Numerous studies support the role of good nutrition in improving mental health and influencing behavior.
  • Eating healthy will help recovering addicts to feel and think better, which in turn, can lead to making better life choices.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
– Hippocrates

Benefits of Having Nutritionist on Site

While most people can plan and prepare their meals on their own, the same cannot always be true among recovering patients. Having a nutritionist plan the meals for patients as part of their treatment program is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Patients have different nutritional needs depending on the substance they abused, medical history, and lifestyle, among others. This means that there is no one meal that can benefit all of them across the board. A nutritionist needs to create individualized meal program for each patient to fully recover.
  • Recovering addicts have nutritional needs that are different from other individuals. Only a nutritionist can formulate a diet program that can satisfy all their nutrient requirements for faster healing.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation facility that understands all factors needed to ensure a full recovery, particularly for your nutritional requirements, please call us at Merito House for consultation and more information.

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