If A Troubled Youth Needs Depression Rehab, “Depression Literacy” Could Be a Big Help

Depression can be very difficult for many to navigate, and many troubled teens may have to spend time in depression rehab to get help. But now there is what’s known as “depression literacy” that could help troubled teens get well and have better outcomes for the future.

*Science Daily reports that “depression literacy” is a new program that has helped thousands of high school students already. This is being taught in health classes that students already have to take as required courses, and as the American Journal of Public Health states, “the program was designed to prevent suffering at a time when adolescent depression rates are on the rise and many believe awareness, early recognition and effective therapies can lead to better outcomes.”

*The Adolescent Depression Awareness program has been going for nearly twenty years, and reportedly over 80,000 high school kids and at risk teens have learned from its teaching. As an associate professor at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says, this is being “delivered as part of the standard health education curriculum” these days, and there’s also a similar program for middle school kids in the works as well.

*As this source continues, “The earlier we can reach those at risk, the earlier we can intervene and link them to services.”