Virtual Reality Can Be a Great New Tool in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Virtual reality could become a major new tool in mens and womens drug and alcohol treatment centers, and it’s already being used to treat PTSD and other disorders.

*As iMedicalApps, a team of researchers in Australia, there’s a virtual reality program that does the AA version of thinking things through, taking you through a house party where you can make choices about engaging in drugs and drinking or not.

*Researchers in the University of Houston have also applied virtual reality in combating heroin addiction, alcohol and marijuana. reports that certain virtual reality programs can also recreate the smells of drugs, and takes patients through tempting situations so they can learn how to block them.

*Virtual reality is already being used in China to help wean people off meth, and while results are still a bit inconclusive, it could indeed become another strong tool in recovery down in the future.