Virtual Reality Helping in Drug Rehabilitation Centers in China

There are many ways technology can be used to help treat addiction, and it’s already being used in drug rehabilitation centers all over the world. In fact, as China Money Network reports, virtual reality is being used to help treat addiction in China.

At four drug rehabilitation centers in China, virtual reality has been used to treat over a thousand people struggling with addiction. According to this report, this Virtual Reality rehab system can actually asses the level of addiction in a patient with great accuracy, and through virtual reality programs, a patient can potentially develop a sense of apprehension against using drugs.

With sixty patients in these drug rehabilitation centers, there has been a reported 75% efficiency rate with sixty patients, where reportedly regular therapy had an efficiency rate of 3%.

Virtual reality systems to treat addiction is not a new phenomenon, in fact there have been a number of systems in the works for years that are being developed to treat addiction and post traumatic stress. Dr. Phil has a virtual reality program that’s part of his Path to Recovery program, and a company in South Korea, Meddicition, is also developing therapeutic virtual reality technology as well.

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