A Wall Street Trader Who Battled Addiction Opens a Sober Living Facility

“Opiates don’t discriminate.” That’s what Trey Laird told CNBC. He became hooked on opioids when he was a big time trader on Wall Street, and after getting sober he was inspired to open a sober living facility.

*Laird was a trader on Wall Street for twenty-two years when his doctor wrote him a prescription for painkillers. Just about two weeks later, he was hooked. “It happened super quick,” Laird explained. “There’s no coming back from it.”

*One fact of addiction that Laird wants to make clear is it can hit anyone from any walk or life, rich or poor. “Addiction pervades every single socioeconomic demographic that there is,” he continued. “Every industry, every race, men, women – it doesn’t care who you are.”

*Laird also knows there’s addiction on Wall Street, adding, “I’m not the only guy. Statistics would tell us in every industry there are functioning addicts.”

*Now clean, Laird opened a sober living facility in Connecticut. “In reality, the hardest part of recovery is the day you walk out of that treatment facility and figure out how to live your life sober one day at a time.”