When You Need Mens Addiction Treatment Centers: The Effects Of Addiction

There are many bad effects alcohol can have on the body, and just going down a sample list would hopefully be enough for people to seek help in mens or womens addiction treatment centers. The site Longevity Live just published a list that is indeed sobering…


*”Just a few of the major complications” of alcoholism that Longevity Live reports are weakening of your heart muscles, increased chances of having a stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, lung, throat, esophagus and liver cancer, a weakened immune system, and much more.


*Chronic alcohol abuse speeds up the aging process. As one doctor explains, when we normally age, the dopaminergic, serotonergic and glutamergic transmitters in our bodies naturally slow down, but when you’re drinking, it causes your transmitters to go into overdrive, making serotonin and dopamine as quicker rates. As a result, your brain ages much faster.


*Getting into a mens or womens addiction treatment center is crucial when you need help, and after getting sober, this report also recommends making changes with diet, exercise and taking multivitamins to bring yourself back.