When You’re Ready for a Sober Living Home

Once you’ve completed detox and rehab, a sober living home can be another step many take after going through the program. Here’s how sober living homes are defined and what they entail:

*Sometimes a sober living home is defined as “a half-way house,” where you can create a bridge from rehab to the outside world. Sober

*It’s very inexpensive to pay rent at a sober living home, and rent can go as low at $100 a month.

*As Addiction Center reports, a sober living home “doesn’t provide the same level of structure as an inpatient facility, but it does present an intermediate sober environment that encourages resident to develop health coping skills and habits” when they’re ready to go back into society.

*At a sober living facility, patients are allowed to come and go, but there are rules patients have to abide by in order to stay. There are curfews, and you have to attend group meetings as well. According to a report on The Fix, some sober living facilities also require drug testing.

*As Addiction Center concludes, sober living can improve your chances of staying clean, and it “acts as a supplement to an individual’s recovery.” It is a half-way alternative to just stepping back into your unstructured life before he went into rehab, and a sober living home can also help people find employment and housing after treatment.